The Trophies

Atlanta Trophies given out at TPSF each year. From left to right: Got Lit Up, MVP, Champions Cup, Best Dressed, and Most Charitable trophies


Our unique trophies have become an integral part of TPSF. Some were crafted by our own Seth Aufderheide, while others were thrift-store finds. Regardless of the origin, any of these trophies brings with it a sense of pride and honor for the recipient.

Champions Cup:

Champions Cup AloneThe TPSF Champions Cup is awarded to the players on the winning team of that year’s game. The Champions Cup was inspired by the NHL’s Stanley Cup, with TPSF-inspired flair, of course. To drink from the Champions Cup is an honor only bestowed upon those on the winning team.


Most Valuable Player:

DS4_3506This trophy, the oldest in the TPSF family of trophies, quite simply honors the Most Valuable Player of the game. The MVP award is voted on by the players after the game.

Past Winners:

   2009 Terrance Wiggins

   2010 Deandre West

   2011  Joff Braio & Dennis Murray

   2012  Dennis Murray

   2013  Tim Jamison

   2014  Desi Ramos

   2015  Ryan Powell

   2016  Bretton McIlrath

   2017 Sidney Smith


Best Dressed:

DS4_3483The Best Dressed award is given to the participant (player or otherwise) who exemplifies the most unique style during that year’s game. Players vote for their top three suits the night before at TPSF Eve, with fans selecting the winner at the actual game.

Past Winners:

       2011    Matt Miller

       2012    Amy Ross

       2013    Austin Robertson

       2014    Tash Ludwig

       2015    Tash Ludwig & Terrance Wiggins

       2016    Josh Busby

       2017    Shannan “Tiger” Edwards


Most Charitable:

DS4_3334As charity is one of the three tenets of TPSF, we honor the individual who raises the most donations to support our charitable endeavors leading up to each game. Each year as we advance toward the actual game Super Bowl Weekend, TPSF players and supporters reach out to family and friends for donations to support returning veterans and their families.

Past Winners:

       2013    Natasha Ludwig

       2014    Shannan Edwards

       2015    Paulette Miller

       2016    Matthew Miller

       2017    Amber Hunter




“Got Lit Up” Trophy:

DS4_3362The Got Lit Up Trophy honors the individual who, well, got lit-up the worst (or best, however you choose to see it). In good fun, this trophy honors the individual who was on the receiving end of the best hit of the day.

Past Winners:

       2012    Deandre West (hit by T-Wiggs)

       2013    Desi Ramos (hit by T-Wiggs)

       2014    Michelle Mulberry (hit by Busby during “coin toss”)

       2015     Leo Lee (hit by Desi Ramos)

       2016     Josh Busby (hit by Dre West)

       2017     Aren Dale (hit by Ru Murray)




Game Ball Award:

DS4_3287Each year, TPSF uses a new game ball that each player autographs at the end of the game. Following the Game, before any other trophies are given out, the game ball is awarded to the TPSF member who exemplifies the principles of TPSF both on and off the field.

Past Winners:

       2012    Joff Braio

       2013    Matt Miller

       2014    Cameron Miller

       2015    Terrance Wiggins

       2016    Jarred Scott Hunter

       2017    Shannan Edwards


Man-Up MVP Belt

Anthony MVP TPSF BOSTONOur Boston Chapter, which began in 2014, currently gives out an MVP “Man-Up” belt that is awarded to the MVP of that game.

Past Winners:

       2014    Anthony Cunningham

       2015    Henry Breckenridge

       2016    Joe McGowan

       2017    Mark Mitchell (DJ Mark)