TPSF 8 flyer_FINAL_11 X 17

TPSF 8. Its. Finally. Here. Our flagship EVENT. What better way to spend the day before the Super Bowl????
Are you ready?
Is your mind right?

We are not tryna brag, but this year should be the most epic, legendary event we have ever put together.

  1. Veterans.
  2. America.
  3. Athletes.
  4. Suits.
  5. Football.
  6. Music.
  7. Food.
  8. Drinks.
  9. Prizes.
  10. Charity (Pets for Vets).
  11. History.
  12. All at a new Field.
  13. Attend.

Click here for all the information.


(rumor has it there might even be a Ronnie Peaches siting)

Mic Drop.

–TPSF Famlay