Three Piece Suit Football (TPSF) is dedicated to celebrating the spirit and camaraderie of football while also honoring the sacrifice and service of veterans and military families, by hosting an event that features a game of tackle football in three-piece suits! The idea for playing football in three-piece suits originated through a series of coincidental, unplanned events that occurred late in 2006.  However, it would be a little over two years later when the first TPSF game was played on January 31st, 2009, at Piedmont Park in Atlanta. Currently, the TPSF Atlanta game is now played at the Historic Fourth Ward Skatepark athletic field, right on the BeltLine, Atlanta’s burgeoning urban multi-use trail in the heart of the city! Historically, the Atlanta game was played on Super Bowl Sunday, but with the ever growing popularity of the event, the game moved to the Saturday of Super Bowl weekend, beginning with TPSF VI (in 2014).

Later in 2014, TPSF was excited to launch its first chapter outside of Atlanta, taking the dapper game to Boston! The annual TPSF Boston game is played each fall in October. The Boston chapter held it’s eighth annual game in October 2021, raising $11,000 for their charity, Operation Delta Dog.


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TPSF members in both Atlanta and Boston don’t just play in the respective games once a year, they also participate in service projects and host other events during the year to support their charitable endeavors and also to build momentum toward the finely-threaded games each year!FACEBOOK COVER PHOTO collage NEW

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Do you love football? Do you love looking good? Do you love looking good while playing football and supporting great charities? If so, TPSF is just what you’re looking for!

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